About our company

The SEATECHRIM Company has been established in February, 2001 and since then it has become a significant item of the oceanology equipment market as well as the market of brokerage services of different kinds. At present time the SEATECHRIM Company successfully takes part in performance of Russian and international projects.

The main areas of SEATECHRIM activity are the following:

      Manufacture and supply of oceanology devices and equipment: hydrophysic sound and towed systems, sets of sensors, current meters, autonomous bottom and submerged stations, acoustic and seismic stations, hydroacoustic devices and systems, hydroacoustic navigation systems, underwater manned and remotely operated vehicles.

The main field of SEATECHRIM’s activity is development, manufacturing and export of oceanology equipment such as:

  • Autonomous, cable and towed devices for underwater radioactivity and toxicity monitoring
  • Deep water TV-grabs with bottom video control option
  • Underwater video cameras
  • Housings for underwater equipment
  • Geophysical and hydrophysical winches and special purpose winches
  • Underwater sampling equipment